Pickens County is located in South Carolina. It’s home to a fairly modest population size, estimated to be just over 120,000, with a warm climate year-round and hot summers. It was founded in 1826.

The History of Pickens County

Pickens County, like most other areas in the South, was named after an American Revolution war hero, Brigadier General Andrew Pickens. After the war, the area was left picking up the pieces though the coming of the textile industry and cotton production catapulted its subsequent growth. At the end of the 19th century, the area was teaming with sawmills, shingle mills, brickyards, railroads, and banks.

Like other areas in South Carolina, Pickens County experienced a lull during the country’s shift to more industrialized methods of production in the early 20th century. Economic activity was at an all-time high during the post World War II economic boom, and by the 1970s, there were more than 90 manufacturing plants established in the area.

Pickens County Today

Today, Pickens County is attractive to many due to its proximity and home to industrial opportunities and the state’s largest city, Greenville, as well as its natural beauty and temperate weather. Its school district is also ranked highest in South Carolina, serving as a home to excellent schools and universities such as Clemson University and Southern Wesleyan University.


It’s home to attractions such as Fort Hill, a historic antebellum mansion, the Hanover House, and the beautiful Glassy Mountain.

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