Oconee County is right on the edge of Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. The name is actually a Cherokee word which means “land beside the water.” It is known for its scenic beauty and mild weather throughout the year. The population estimate is 75,000.

The History of Oconee County

After the American Revolutionary War, settlers from other parts of the state as well as German settlers from Charleston started coming to Oconee County in droves. They collectively founded the town of Walhalla in 1850, a site that drove the county’s growth in the years to come.

After the Civil War, Oconee County, just like many of its surrounding counterparts in South Carolina, relied heavily on agriculture for steady employment and economic growth. The area enjoys incredibly rich soil due to the many nearby river valleys and its moderate climate, which allows for an incredible diversity of crops. The textile industry was also booming in this time.

In the post World War II period, Oconee County changed tremendously: the construction of I-85 created access to and growth in industry by connecting the county to urban areas like Atlanta and Charlotte.

Modern Day Oconee County

In the 1960s, the Hartwell Dam and Lake project was finished and Oconee County began to grow financially and gain a reputation as an attractive recreational destination. Shortly after lakes Jocassee and Keowee were created, even more opportunities for recreation and employment began to arise. Modern day Oconee visitors and locals take advantage of the natural beauty and cultural and geographic diversity of the Mountain Lakes Region.

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