Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney Protecting the Rights of the Upstate Region’s Youth

We try our best as parents to teach our children to act responsibly, but some things are out of our control. Children grow up and begin making their own decisions. Unfortunately, these are not always good ones and they may find themselves in legal trouble later on down the road. Attorney Richard Warder has represented many minors accused of committing crimes for four decades in the Upstate region.

Juvenile Detention Centers

Minors 17 years old or younger are considered juveniles in the legal system. When a child commits a crime, the arresting officers file a petition in family court alleging your child committed a crime and are then granted custody of the child. At that point, he or she will either be released to their parents or guardian, or be taken to a juvenile defense center if they are considered violent. Children are afforded all the same rights as adults, including being read the Miranda rights, the right to an attorney, etc.

You Must Be Your Child’s Advocate

Children may be arrested for a number of crimes, typically for things like drugs, truancy, fighting, trespassing, or theft. In the event your child is facing charges, it is up to you to secure effective criminal defense for them. Without your help, your child may become a repeat offender or victim to the system.

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