Adept Conspiracy Lawyer Representing Upstate Region Clients

It is possible to be charged with conspiracy when two or more people plan to commit a crime, even if they fail to complete the act. Conspiracy convictions typically result in being charged with crimes you planned to commit, and as such can be very serious. For example, you could be punished for attempted murder even if the act was not executed.

What Constitutes a Conspiracy?

Conceiving of a crime is not in itself a crime. In order to be charged with conspiracy, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you and at least one other person planned to commit a crime and took an action toward realizing the crime. It is not illegal to plan a crime if no concrete action is taken toward actually completing it.

For example, if you and another person plan to rob a bank and they acquire a get-away vehicle, you both may be charged with conspiracy to commit grand larceny. However, even if you drew up plans but did nothing else, it is highly unlikely the prosecution would be able to mount a successful argument for conspiracy.

Get the Help of a Criminal Defense Attorney

You will need an accomplished and successful criminal defense attorney to prove that you either were not involved in planning a crime at all or that you were not serious about committing the crime in question. Representing yourself in such a situation would be a very unwise choice, as you lack the credibility of a criminal defense attorney simply by your position as a suspect. Richard Warder will put his over four decades of experience in your corner.

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