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criminal drug transactionDrug crime charges in South Carolina are numerous, to say the least. If you are convicted of possessing, distributing, manufacturing, or trafficking drugs, you will find yourself in serious legal trouble. Regardless of the circumstances, you have protections under the Constitution to which you are entitled. Attorney Richard Warder will work tirelessly to ensure you are treated fairly and your due process is respected.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

If arresting officers find evidence that you not only possessed drugs, but also intended to distribute them to others for purchase or as a gift, you will be given much more serious charges. This is because your actions may bring harm to others or perpetuate illegal acts. If you are facing distribution charges for drugs, you need to secure aggressive legal representation immediately.

Don’t Delay — Call Now to Get Started

Now is not the the time to be a passerby to what could reap disastrous consequences for your life. You need to acquire the best legal counsel possible and prepare yourself for a stressful process. Attorney Richard Warder has fought for the rights of those accused of committing drug crimes in South Carolina for many decades and knows what it takes to mount a successful argument in your favor. Don’t wait another minute, pick up the phone now.

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