Relentless Felonies Lawyer Defending the Rights of Upstate Clients

South Carolina punishes the most serious crimes with felony charges, ranging in severity from Class A through Class F. Class A felonies are the most severely punished, often with a life sentence or the death penalty, whereas Class F felonies are the least serious. Any felony conviction could impact your ultimate freedom, employment and housing opportunities, and voting privileges. If you are facing a felony charge, you need to secure the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Classes & Punishments

It is vital you understand the possible penalties for a felony conviction in South Carolina so you can prepare for the legal battle to come and what is truly at stake. The following is a list of the potential sentencing for the different classes of felonies:

  • Class A: Up to 30 years imprisonment
  • Class B: Up to 25 years imprisonment
  • Class C: Up to 20 years imprisonment
  • Class D: Up to 15 years imprisonment
  • Class E: Up to ten years imprisonment
  • Class F: Up to five years imprisonment

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

Regardless of the specifics of the charges leveraged against you and whether or not you are innocent, you simply cannot risk losing your case and spending a significant portion of your life behind bars. Attorney Richard Warder has been defending the rights of the accused in the Upstate region for over four decades. He knows the criminal justice system intimately and will protect your rights as a U.S. citizen.

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