Laurens County is tucked away in the Piedmont Region of South Carolina. The weather there is mild for most of the year and hot during the summer, much like the rest of the state. Its population is roughly 48,000 people.

The History of Laurens County

Before settlers came and expanded in the area, the inhabitants of Laurens County were Cherokee Indians. John Duncan, a settler originally from Scotland who came to the area from Pennsylvania, established a settlement in 1753, attracted by the wildlife and greenery. His settlement was located along a creek in the northeastern section. This was not far from what is today the city of Clinton.

Like many other areas in South Carolina, several monumental battles were fought in Laurens County in the American Revolutionary War. Textile and cotton production drove the area’s economic growth during the beginning phases of its development, though there were plenty other thriving sectors of the economy. In the mid 19th century, the area was teaming with buggy and wagon shops, tailoring shops, flour and corn mills, and whiskey distilleries.

Modern Day Laurens County

For most of its history, the economy of Laurens County was primarily agriculture driven. During the twentieth century, this changed as some manufacturing companies moved in, making the area less dependent on textile production, and the population started to grow. Michelin, Milliken and Wal-Mart established a large warehouse distribution center there. Automobile parts suppliers established sites in the northern half of Laurens county to supply BMW’s large upstate automobile plant.

Laurens County also experiences a lot of “spillover” from the Greenville area, which is largely more urban and populous. As the nearby metropolitan areas continue to grow, Laurens County is expected to follow suit.

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