Cherokee County is named after the people who were there before European settlers established their outposts. The estimated population size is currently 56,000 people.

The History of Cherokee County

Before it was Cherokee County, the indigenous Cherokee people had lived on the land for thousands of years. Trading paths and settlements were made by European traders and settlers and the area experienced a boom of economic activity. It was officially established in 1897, named after the Cherokee people, with Gaffney designated as its county seat.

The county is naturally beautiful, home to three national parks, big blue skies, warm but temperate weather, and lush vegetation. The government website entreats visitors to take a “big bite of a peach!” It has had many economic ups and downs with many attempts by the government to rejuvenate the local economy with varying degrees of success.

Modern Day Cherokee County

Most of the county’s modern history is grounded in its strong agricultural economy which transitioned around the 1930s towards textiles and manufacturing. Some of the most notable features of the county today are the Peachoid, a water tower that holds one million gallons of water and resembles a peach, the Cherokee County’s Veteran Museum, and Brown’s Mountain, a popular site for biking and hiking.

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