Bordering Georgia in the northwestern section of South Carolina lies Anderson County. The county hosts a population size of around 187,000 people, beautiful natural surroundings just like most of the state, and hot but temperate weather virtually all year-round.

The History of Anderson County

Anderson County was named after Robert Anderson, a heroic American Revolutionary War leader. It was founded in 1826 and was previously occupied by native Cherokee peoples.

Like many other areas in the South, its economy was largely defined by textile and cotton production. As the United States saw much of this kind of industry disappear, the county’s economy had to diversify in order to survive in modern times. Indeed it has; more than 230 different manufacturers and a variety of international companies made Anderson County a site for investment and growth in areas such as industrial machinery, publishing, textile, plastics, and more.

Modern Day Anderson County

One of the most notable developments in the county’s recent history was the construction of the Savannah River. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the Savannah River in the 1960s to create Lake Hartwell in an effort to reign in flooding and generate electricity. The lake is a popular area for locals and tourists alike and has attracted some local economic development with the establishment of parks, restaurants, and vacation homes.

Anderson University is also a prominent feature of the area. It’s as selective as it is small, with just 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students in all.

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