Aggressive Greenville Attorney Defending Those Facing Robbery Charges

In legal terms, robbery differs from theft in that force is used in the process of depriving someone of their property. The penalties for robbery are understandably harsher than those for simple theft due to the human impact on the victim of the crime.

Robbery in South Carolina

Strong Armed Robbery (SAR) is a felony charge in South Carolina punishable by up to 15 years in prison. You may be charged with SAR if you threaten violent actions while stealing, even if you do not follow through with the threats or cause physical harm. You may be spared an SAR charge if the theft happens so quickly that the victim is not aware they are being stolen from and therefore spared fear and intimidation, such as a purse snatching.

Don’t Take Any Risks

Fifteen years is a long time to spend in jail for an action in which no one was hurt, which is why you need to secure the representation of an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney like Richard Warder. We will build a case with the goal of having your charges dismissed or reduced to petty theft or grand larceny.

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