Trusted Police Defense Attorney Defending Greenville Law Enforcement

When police officers and other law enforcement members are accused of criminal acts, they may face harsher prosecution than the average person because it sends a message that having a badge does not put you above the law. This is why it is absolutely imperative to contact an experienced police defense attorney as soon as possible after being charged with any crime or if you suspect you are under investigation.

Prison is Not a Place for Police Officers

Due to your status as a police officer, it is highly likely you would experience increased hostility and violence in jail than would a regular civilian. Other inmates may unfairly blame you for their incarceration, making for a very dangerous environment. Alternately, you may or may not be placed in isolation or solitary confinement for your protection, which is also incredibly taxing emotionally. Simply put, it is our goal to keep you out of jail.

Get the High-Quality Representation You Deserve

Just like everyone else, you are a human who makes mistakes sometimes. You deserve the best criminal defense possible so you can get back to work protecting the public. Attorney Richard Warder respects local law enforcement and has been providing principled criminal defense for over four decades. Get the attorney with the necessary skill set and reputation for your sensitive case.

Richard Warder Criminal Defense Attorney provides unparalleled police defense legal services for the Upstate region’s law enforcement officials. Contact our Greenville office today at (864) 271-9955 to schedule a free consultation.